Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TdA Stage 59. Turn up the Hard.

134km. Chitimba Camp to Mzuzu.

Things just got harder for a few people. The breaking news for the day is that three riders have contracted Malaria. In two cases, the guys have been sick for a few weeks. In possibly the only way in which a malaria diagnosis could be good, at least now there is a strategy for getting better. Two of the affected riders are still EFI and have decided to continue to ride while they are taking treatment.

As if four months of camping and 12000kms of riding is not challenging enough, the sheer frequency and variety of obstacles that we face make this one epic journey. At times like this I think of how glad I am that I am not doing this alone.

Today's ride took us from the lake, up a big climb and into some rolling hills. It is hard to believe that Malawi is one of the most impoverished countries on the continent; this is among the healthy looking and most beautiful landscapes that we've been through so far.


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