Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TdA Rest Day. Chitimba.

Giving myself a hangover might not be the most conventional way to celebrate 24 hours of not being sick, but some opportunities only come once.

And I intend to make the most of them.

What started as a chilled out beach fire and grill turned into one of the most enjoyable evenings that I've had on this trip. An evening of a thousand laughs (my abs still ache from overuse) and good old fashioned irresponsibility.

Young-Adam and Nick had a duel with roman candles on the beach. It was old school style; starting with backs to each other, taking ten steps and then lighting the suckers and pointing them at the opponent. I'm not a pyrotechnics expert; however, I'm pretty sure this is not listed as a recommended application for a roman candle. But maybe it should be, because it makes great entertainment.

The Jets and I ventured out for a night swim in the Lake. This is the first natural water that we've had since the Nile; the opportunity to jump in was irresistible. It was probably the warmest lake I've ever been in (reminder to self: check for parasites when I get back home).

And, the Brams set the musical backdrop for the night, belting out dutch karaoke songs with the dutch proprietor of our campsite. Even in a rock song, the sound of dutch still makes me laugh!


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