Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TdA Stage 53. Reality Bites.

107km. Bush Camp to Game Post 1.

Sometimes you get lucky; today was a mix of pavement and dirt and the weather was awesome. Fast and clean(ish).

And then sometimes reality bites you in the ass. I'm not talking about being sick; though, for the record, I *still* am. For me, today, I'm talking about punctures, of which I had three (including one that was from dragging my bicycle over a thorn bush immediately after changing a flat). The reality is that I should have used those self sealing tubes that are in my luggage.

Before I let my little realities get me down, I try to consider the things that have happened to others during the day. In the context of this trip, a few punctures aren't really a big deal. Not after having had an armed robbery, a collision with a cow, an orphaned goat, an aggregate of five broken ribs, two cases of typhoid, and so on.

Today's news was that one of the riders was bitten by a dog (on the calf, while riding). It appears as though she will be ok to ride again in a week or so. I think that I'll count myself lucky again today. And maybe I'll go put those self sealing tubes in now.


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