Thursday, March 24, 2011

TdA Stage 55. The Jets.

123km. Game Post 2 to Bush Camp.

We have been cycling through a game reserve for two days and today was our first wildlife experience. Butterflies (beautiful) and Tse Tse flies (biting).

Carrie, Young-Adam, Steve and I have been riding 'easy' together for the past couple of days. Singing and doing 'tricks' on the sandy surface of the road. It was a scene from a cheesy eighties movie about childhood fun at summer camp. And it was awesome. We've called ourselves 'the Jets'.

Kim took his first stage win, so Carrie and I took him out for a celebratory drink up the road from our camp. Judging by the volume of the music and the number of patrons, the place to be seemed to be 'High Way By Night'. Upon closer evaluation, we deemed that it was actually a brothel. Something about the entirely female 'clientele' at 2:00pm in the afternoon tipped us off. One nice thing about a brothel is that the beer is cheap. So, we stayed for a while.

We've been lucky on this stretch that the rain has died down, but it has still been a long seven day stretch. Tomorrow is a time bonus day, which suggests that it will be a tough one. I'm looking forward to a rest day in Mbeya so that I can recover and finally kick this illness.


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