Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2. Red Sea Calling.

167km. Carrying on south and east toward the red sea, I started the ride with a group of dudes today. They were fast and we rode in a fairly organized pace line that even had an organized sunscreen/pee break. Carrie and I were the only girls in the group and we took full turns to pull. We stayed with the group until lunch (70km) and then had a crazy crosswind for the next 20km. I got stuck on the bad side, so it felt like I was pulling the whole way. Just as well, since Carrie cracked. So, we dropped off the back and rode the rest of the way together. No point in burying ourselves, as we have another four months of challenges ahead. Carrie helped me out with some laughs and made sure that I didn't burn myself out. I just pulled. For 67km.
Our camp was a seemingly random spot on the desert roadside. After setting up our tents, a few of us went for a swim in the red sea! Cold, but refreshing.
Four more days of riding. I can't remember the distances as I'm tired enough to just be playing this adventure minute by minute at this point. Life is good.


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