Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cairo / Pre-tour

If I lived in Cairo and breathed this air every day, I would probably smoke, too. But, once you get past the rancid air, the city has a really great vibe. Over the past few days here, I've met a few of the people who I will be riding with as I cycle from Cairo to Capetown over the next four months.
- There's Mike-with-no-bike from San Fran/Boston. Iberia managed to lose his brand new Moots and there was a problem with his baggage tags, so they don't even have a record that he checked in his bike. I'm not an expert on airline baggage tracking, but I think that the prognosis on this one is not good.
- Then there's Megan, a 22 year-old girl from Florida. She's already traversed America three times by bike, which makes her one of the most experienced distance cyclists here.
- There's also NoHomo (long story) from Hong Kong/Seattle rocking the hipster fixie look. He's the youngest (20 years old) and by far the most fashionable rider that I've met. I'm not sure how the chain smoking will work for him, but perhaps this is a great opportunity for a lifestyle change.
- Len and Scott are one of three father-son duos on the tour. Pretty cool way to spend some family time. They both seem well traveled and are avid cyclists. Len is good at 'not taking any crap' and Scott is engaged to a girl with the same name as me.
- 'The Brams', two totally kitted out dutch road riders (rocking the Kelme kit). Running 23mm tires on nice road bikes. They seem to be well prepared and driven for performance on this ride. The rumour is that they both also work for the same company and have girlfriends with the same names.
- Peter the Plumber, a 60-something Aussie-come-South-African-Vietnam war vet. Definitely not shy. But he looks like he has the legs and the mental fortitude to crush just about everyone here. I can't tell yet whether he's gonna drive us all crazy or whether we are all going to fall in love with him.
- Carrie from New Zealand. About my age and full of energy. I haven't gotten to know her very well, but she seems the closest to me in age and fitness.
My actual excursions around the city have been limited. So far, they have included a visit to the Egyptian museum, the camel market, and the pyramids. I know there's more to see, but it will have to wait until the next time as last minute errands have kept me busy over the last few days. I've never had so much time to prepare for something and it is starting to drive me mad. Time to get on with this adventure!

p.s. Picture uploading over the next four months will primarily be by way of facebook. Mostly because it is easy and I'm not sure what kind of internet access I will have.


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