Monday, June 21, 2010

Of Cors-i-can!

Fontainebleau is becoming lovelier by the day and it is tragic to think of leaving this place, but I have really come to appreciate weekend travel as a way to deepen my friendships with my classmates. And so, when the I was asked if I could travel to Corsica for what will be the last trip during the academic year, I said...of course I can!

Wasting no time in getting the adventure started, we chartered a bus to take us from INSEAD to the airport. Our host, Fabien, kept us organized and took care of most of the logistics (that's a lot of passports!).
60-some of us piled into a small jet plane to Ajaccio and then into a convoy of 12 pugeot 5800's and headed out on the highway. With 12 matching vans stretched out on the road, we looked like we were on some kind of official business.

Our itinerary was intense, taking us to all corners of the island, over some of the most challenging and winding roads that I've seen. It was enough to make even the most hardy stomach a little queasy. But, it was worth every mile, as each little town had its own charm. And, it seems that the harder it is to get to a place, the more likely it is that you will find that it hasn't been spoiled.
There were opportunities to hike.
Even when it was raining (some handmade rain jackets!).
And then there was the beach, when it was sunny.
And, of course, we had to take in the local cuisine (hope that you like fish!).


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