Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sicily Part 2

For our last day in Sicily, we took a ferry to a near by island. And the sea was angry, my friend. (I can't confirm that this is a picture of our ferry, but it did feel a bit like this).
The sea was so angry, in fact, that the staff handed out sick bags before we even left the port. Actually, let me be more precise. These weren't the sick bags that I've seen before. These were translucent plastic bags, of the sort and size that you might buy 5 cent candies in. If you weren't going to get sick from the motion, there was a lot of opportunity to get sick from the sight and smell of that. I had flashbacks of the blueberry pie scene from Stand By Me.
But the journey was worth it. We rented bicycles and bombed around the island, hoping from beach to beach and soaking up the sun. I'm not one for riding my bike without a helmet, but sometimes it just feels so good. Wind in the hair.  
Some international beach conversation of the sort that could only occur among a group like this. On who pays on a date:
Yuliya (Russian): In my country, the man always pays.
Verena (Dutch): In my country, the man and woman split the bill. And I have a feeling that they watch it very closely. 
Sverre (Norwegian): In my country, the government pays.


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