Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Fabulous Life

One of the challenges of participating in the social scene around Fontainebleau is the lack of taxis. Unlike Singapore, the formal taxi service here is not 24/7 and is not affordable. So, if you want to have a glass (or four) of wine at dinner, you've got to plan ahead (designated driver) or be creative (private driver). In a year defined by spontaneity, planning ahead is the last thing from my mind. Fortunately, one of the guys living at my chateau recently found us a private driver; an entrepreneurial kid in a commune nearby who is looking to make a few extra dollars to support his kick-boxing/modelling career. 
It seems only fitting that the absolute absurdity of living in a castle be matched with being chauffeured to and from parties in an Audi TT by a world class jiu-jitsu competitor and model. 


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Possibly more of this is needed?

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