Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ghosts of Chateau de Fleury-En-Biere

I recently had dinner with some of the 'new' students staying at my chateau. The topic of conversation? Ghosts. 
What? Educated people talking about ghosts? 

Okay, okay, it's an old castle. There are strange noises. I suppose this is exactly the sort of place from which ghost stories originate. And so, it turns out that one of my neighbours has been loosing sleep as a consequence of the two ghosts that live, unharmoniously, in the courtyard next to him. 

He carried on for some time, imitating the strange noises that they make in the night, telling of how he had seen them before. And then, finally, we realized, that he was speaking of goats, not ghosts. I love non-native English speakers.


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