Thursday, July 2, 2009

BCBR 09 - Day 5

Today's stage took us from Sechelt to the Langdale ferry terminal. Trails were great. Fast. Smooth. A lot of beautiful shady forest. Variable technically, with a common thread being bridges, some of which I surprised myself by riding. I tried to take it a bit easier on myself today, riding hard, but trying to avoid burying myself. Still, my pace didn't seem to change significantly - I was still able to see Tom and Gerry a couple of times (as well as a number of familiar faces, including Nic and Deanne).

I was feeling pretty good. Enjoying the scenery. I hit the final descent - Highway 102 (which Erik had raved about) and was trying a few new things on my bike. And then, the 4th place girl blasted past me. She was descending so fast that I didn't have a hope of catching her - though I dialed it up as much as I could. It's stupid to be bothered by this, because I came out here just to hang out with friends and maybe ride a bit. But it took a dent out of what was otherwise probably the best day yet.

So, the girl behind me beat me by 7 minutes. Not enough to overtake me, but enough to make me worried that she could overtake me in the next two days. Anything can happen. In fact, the girl that was in second place broke her frame today and was not able to finish. That means that I'm in second place no. No pressure.

I don't know the full details on everyone's results, but I do know that Erik and Devin are still rockin in 12th. Seems like they get some sort of challenge every day, but still end up in 12th. Craig and Shawn were in good spirits, suggesting they enjoyed the day. Judging by the smile on Roy's face, he and Steve had a good one too. Mical and Jeff are hanging on to 2nd overall, as are Pat and Geoff.
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Blogger Cindy said...

great job Tori.. I hope you can here me cheering for you. I'm sooo diggin your blogsies.
Can't wait to hear about today.

July 3, 2009 at 4:57:00 PM MDT  

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