Monday, June 29, 2009

BCBR 09 - Day 2

Well, no pictures afterall, as it turns out that they have cut out the formal podium recognition for anyone other than 1st place. Bummer for those riders that have sponsors that they need to recognize. Bummer for those that don't, too.

Stage two started with a ferry ride over to the island. Starting at sea level meant that we immediately had a climb. Initially we had pavement, but it switched into singletrack before we knew it. Endless singletrack. Was tricky for me, but much more rideable than yesterday.

The cool part about placing well yesterday was that I got to start near the front (right beside Erik!). The not so cool part was that I let my ego get the better of me and rode a lot harder than I should have. I knew I was doing it, and I continued to do it anyway.

In the final stretches, I took a sloppy fall that took a chunk out of my knee and left me with what will be a few yucky bruises. The knee is starting to stiffen up a bit, which makes me nervous for tomorrow.

Sounds like everyone else had a pretty good day. Erik and Devin climbed a bit in the standings. So did Craig and Shawn. Mical and Jeff solidified their second place standing, as did Pat and Geoff. Tom and Gerry took fourth again, despite a significant mechanical. Steve and Roy took the same spot again too, 24th, I think. Nic and Deanna showed strong again with a 7th place finished. And I got 3rd again.
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