Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BCBR 09 - Day 4

Our 400am wake up was actually 430am. My bad. Two bus rides and two ferries later, we were at our starting point of Earl's Cove. With the passage of time, it felt like another day already and I had practically forgotten about the early rise. Not really, actually.

Nice fast start. Saw Steve and Roy and Tom and Gerry as they blasted past me. By the time that we got to the tighter singletrack, the riders were spread out enough that it didn't feel crowded, like it did during the first three stages. I think that it was because this stage had a fair bit of doubletrack. Which I love. Is that blasphemous?

Legs were tired, but I was feeling pretty good. Especially when I got to the first food station and Tom and Gerry were there - I knew that something was going well. When I saw them again at the second food station, I could hardly believe my eyes. Apparently, I was rockin this stage.

My odometer busted somewhere on the first stage, so I had no way to measure my progress except by time. Based on the estimated arrival time for the lead group, I figured I had about 60 or 90 minutes remaining from the last feed station. I laid the hammer down for what I thought was the home stretch. By now, energy food makes me ill, so, I foolishly thought that I might stretch my reserve to the finish, rather than unnecessarily force feed. Turned out to be almost 150 minutes for me to get from the last feed station to the finish. My body was forced to metabolize my happiness. I should know better than this by now.

Erik got me a yummy sandwich and a smoothie for a pre-dinner snack, which saved my evening. This stuff is so much more enjoyable in the company of friends.

Erik and Devin had a very good day, despite two flats. 11th for the day, 12th on a cumulative basis. Sounds like they are dialing it up for the back nine. Pat and Geoff further solidified their 2nd place standing. Craig and Shawn laid down the law and assumed 7th. Sounds like Mical and Jeff had a hard day, but their grip on 2nd place was strong enough to keep them there on a cumulative basis. Tom and Ger hangin tough in 4th. And I am still in 3rd.

We will spend the night here in Sechelt and then start here tomorrow. Heading south toward Squamish.
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Blogger Cindy said...

Tori. I'm sooo proud of you. Sounds like you are having a good time among your daily challenges. I am there with you in spirit!!
go go Tori go!

July 2, 2009 at 1:43:00 PM MDT  

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