Friday, June 5, 2009

Marathon Recovery Week

I've had a much better recovery week than I had anticipated. I had visions of walking around like frankenstein for a week, but I was surprised to find myself tired, but quite mobile, on Monday (the day following the race). I'd even scheduled a physio appointment on Tuesday in anticipation of some kind of major pain, but it turned out to be unnecessary. By Wednesday, I was back on the bike and did 100km that day between a commute and an evening ride with my friend Claire. I played 18 holes of golf on Thursday in Kananaskis. I can tell that my body is tired because I've picked up a cold, which is unusual for me. But, I have to say that I'm feeling pretty good. There's a bike race tomorrow that I had initially assumed that I wouldn't do. The forecast is calling for snow, but I think I'll give it a go, as I'm feelin the urge to really get moving again.


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