Friday, March 14, 2008


Erik was in New York City for work this week, so I started my vacation early and met up with him in the Big Apple for the last few days of the week. While he was busy listening to client presentations, I was 'busy' relaxing and cycling - and New York in March is wonderful for cycling.

It was good to get out, but what I was most excited about for the trip was a private dinner being hosted by Erik's firm at the United Nations. cool is that! I have to admit to having a mild fascination with the United Nations.

From the outside, the UN buildings don't stand out from an architectural perspective. Instead, the long row of flags representing the member countries that lines the street in front is what marks that this is a place at which some important matters are discussed.
I'd seen news coverage of the interior of the main discussion room that seats all of the member countries. Other than that, I wasn't sure what to expect. My assumption was that it was going to be tastefully swanky inside; refined and well kept. The stream of town cars exiting the property supported that assumption.

I was wrong - and, in retrospect, I am glad for that. From the duct tape patches on the stucco ceiling, to the broken toilet paper holder in the bathroom, to the dated and deteriorating seats in the gallery - there were plenty of signs that making the place swanky was not a priority. I would describe the facility as 'adequate', which seems appropriate for an institution that has aspired to combat some of the worlds greatest challenges. When deciding whether to renovate functional bathrooms or combat hunger, I'm glad they chose the latter.


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