Monday, February 18, 2008

Let it Ride

Letting it Ride in the Vegas tradition on Thursday night certainly had its rewards. It also satiated my appetite for late nights and partying, perhaps for the rest of the year (ok, the rest of the week, who am I kidding?). So, I used the rest of my spare time in Vegas to Let it Ride my way. On Saturday, Erik, Chris, Frank and I rode out to Red Rock Canyon. The weather, scenery, road conditions and company were all spectacular. 
I found Frank's attitude toward cycling to be quite consistent with my own and, when he suggested we find a place to grab a beer on the way back, I was quick to second the motion. We found a little backwater spot (maybe backwater isn't the right term since, afterall, we are in the desert) called Bonnie Springs. It's about a mile off the barely-used road that connects Blue Diamond with Red Rock Canyon. Given its remote location, we were surprised to find it bustling with activity - a petting zoo, a pub, a pond, a train, pony rides, a mechanical camel - the place had just about everything. 
The pub was decorated with strings of defaced dollar bills on the ceiling, broken bottles doubling as lightbulb covers, a moose antler shaped wine rack and a menu that came on the back of a tequila bottle. Note the selection. 
I don't think I'm going to take any tips on decorating from the experience, but it made for a perfect wind down to the day (except that we still had, like, 30km to ride back to the hotel). 
I'm sure the elevator at the Four Seasons has seen a lot of stuff, but this was probably a first for it. 
Sunday it was down to Erik, Chris and me. We headed in the opposite direction to the Hoover Dam, where we walked across to Arizona and back and then rushed back to the hotel - not even stopping for the $0.99 shrimp cocktail between Lake Mead and the Dam. But I'm not complaining.  There is some spectacular cycling to be had near Las Vegas. 


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