Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't go Down on Slippery Manholes

Competitive cyclists are a funny bunch. It is a rare moment when they are not talking about bikes, but that's half their charm. I have to admit that I appreciate the change of pace, though it is beyond me how they never run out of bike-related discussion topics - bike parts, bike races, bike shows, other people's bikes... 
I went out for dinner on Friday with Erik and two friends with whom he'd cycled earlier in the evening. The conversation spanned from race tactics to a seriously nerdy debate about the stiffness of the Cervelo R3 compared with the Scott CR1. From the perspective of a girl who didn't realize that her front shock was locked out on a multi-hour technical mountain bike descent, its kind of hard to relate. But, it doesn't make the evening any less entertaining. I learned a bit about bike parts. I also learned a good joke to use if I ever enter a crit race (see the subject heading of this posting). It's nice to know that a bunch of guys standing around each other in spandex can still have a sense of humour about it. 


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