Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 8 - Thessoloniki to Edessa orchard camp (95km)

Having talked about it for the first week and done nothing, we decided that it was important for us to finally find a protective measure for the dogs. Carrie remembered that one of our friends in Africa had used a special whistle that blew at some kind of frequency that dogs find annoying. He said worked very well. We decided that it would be worth a try.

We stopped at a roadside pet shop that had a lot of birds in it (that wasn't why we stopped there, it's just some information about the shop). Our lack of Greek language skills meant that Carrie and I had to resort to role playing to communicate our need...we tried a few things before getting to the scenario of a cyclist being chased by a dog and an imaginary whistle that made the dog go away. While it is a normal situation for us by now, it was understandably a bit unusual for our new friends.

I am fairly certain that they did not understand anything that we were saying or acting, but one of them smiled and laughed and then handed us an apricot.


We stopped in Edessa for more repairs on Carrie's bike and met another bike tourist, Matthijs. He came down from Belgium on a raised recumbent and shared some information about the road ahead. He was planning to make it down to Thessaloniki and then head back to Belgium via eastern europe.


Tonight is easily one of the best so far. We are bush camping in a small orchard with a stream on one side and a flat spot that was cleared as though to make room just for us. Dinner is a kilo of cherries that a shop owner gave us for free while we were standing on the sidewalk outside his shop and looking at the map. There are fireflies around floating around our tent, flashing on and off and on and off. It is magic!


Blogger Helen said...

I hit on your site from time to time and as luck would have it, just as you set off on another grand adventure. Totally enjoying this ride. Had a great laugh imagining your charades! Your description of your bush camp makes it sound just perfect!!!

June 26, 2013 at 4:54:00 PM MDT  

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