Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Apres Ski Party. Frankfurt.

Some people savour their 30th birthday by celebrating faux-30th's on the years that follow. I prefer to just make younger friends and relive the big 3-0 through them. It saves me the hassle of sending out invites or dealing with the dreaded post-party clean up. The catch is that most of my younger friends don't live in Canada, which means some travel is in order. 

I've been through Frankfurt many times, but never left the airport. Finally, I found an excuse to get into the city. Johannes's 30th birthday. One more reason to love having friends in different cities.
I love a good outdoor party and, as a Canadian, I can truly appreciate a party where ski jackets are part of the dress code. I can also appreciate when furniture is constructed from snow/ice.
But what I appreciate the most is reuniting with friends. Thanks, Johannes. And Happy Birthday.


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