Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Call

In some ways, it feels as though I have lived an entire decade in the last 11 months. In other ways, it feels as though it was just yesterday that I stepped off the plane at Changi airport, overwhelmed by the feeling that 'holy shit I live in Asia now!'.

And, now we are graduating. That means last call for spending time with many of the friends that I've made; last call for precious school time memories. I have savoured every moment of this year, and yet I am still hungry for more. New countries (26, in fact), new friends, new perspectives. How can a graduation ceremony do it justice?

Well, the one of the great things about having two full campuses is that we have a chance to graduate at both locations, if we so choose. And, I did.
Flying first from Athens to Singapore, it was nice to go back to where it all began. When I left Singapore, I felt that I had really got my fill (an island that is 34 degrees and humid could be endless fun, unless you love to bike). But, returning felt so good; Singapore is really an amazing place to live and get around. And this place is changing so fast; it's hard to believe what has been done in the four months since I left.
I arrived in time to say a few words to some great friends in Singy; some of whom I have not seen since December. From the looks of it, my comments were highly engaging (I think the Dean, sitting in the middle, is sleeping). I guess that I wont be on the public speaking circuit anytime soon!
We had time for a few drinks on the town before heading to the airport for the overnight flight to Paris.
The ceremony in Fontainebleau the next day was much larger; more students, more families, and a LOT more champagne.
We finished the night with a private party at a restored Abbey in the countryside (geez I'm going to miss being outside at night without a jacket). A lot of nooks and crannies to explore. Not your usual party. But then, this hasn't been your usual year. So, I guess it is fitting for the last call.


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