Monday, May 17, 2010

32 is a Magic Number

32 is a magic number. It was the number worn by Magic Johnson. It's the number of degrees fahrenheit at which water changes state between liquid and solid. 32 the number in a full set of human teeth. It's the number of Campbell's soup cans in Andy Warhol's famous painting. It's the number of characteristics of the Buddha. 

There are many things that make 32 special and, this weekend, I found one more. My birthday.

32 isn't typically considered a significant milestone, but you wouldn't know it by the amount of celebrating going on during this particular birthday weekend. More than 2,000 people gathered in the Fontainebleau forest on Saturday night to celebrate. 
Admittedly, some of these people were here for the 50th anniversary ball, which my school hosted on campus. It wasn't your typical school dance; there were circus performers, a carousel, fireworks. We danced till the sun rose and the music wouldn't play anymore. 
And then...we gathered at my chateau for a little champagne brunch. 32 bottles of champagne, 50 baguettes and 100 croissants from the baker down the road, some lovely springtime sun. A great way to bring in the next year of my life. 


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