Tuesday, December 15, 2009

End of Period Party - First Goodbyes

We are now through 2 of the 5 periods of the year. At this point, some students will now move to France for all or part of the remaining time at INSEAD, while others will remain here. I have decided to stay in Singapore until the end of February.

We have spent an intense 4 months together, in and out of class, getting to know each other and making some great friends. To celebrate these things and to say our goodbyes, we held a little party after our last exam. You know a night is going to be awesome when somebody shows up with an ice sculpture that says "AWESOME".
Another good indicator is when there is a pool. Always a good way to unwind.
whether you want to or not, that means that you are going to get in the pool.
whether you want to or not, that also means you have to say goodbye.
Goodbye friends. See you in France in March.


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