Wednesday, November 11, 2009

National Week Bids

To celebrate our diversity, we host national weeks about once each month. The national weeks feature food, music, dancing and other cultural treasures from the featured nation or region. This autumn, we have enjoyed a Lebanese week and an Eastern European week and, before the year is out, we will have Desi week (India) and Africa Week. Twice per year, students vote which weeks they would like to have. Voting is decided after a short campaign that features student-made presentations by students from each of the countries/regions. This week, we hosted one such campaign/vote.

Britain and Spain, getting along.Israeli's do it religiously?Italians do it with nutellagermans do it with...a bell?
the french do it with a kiss?no comment
Possibly one of the most fun evenings during my time at INSEAD, it was a fantastic way to spend a night celebrating our diversity. Unfortunately, our NAFTA bid was unsuccessful; however, I'm looking forward to celebrating Dragon week (China & SEA), Latin America week, Vodka week (Russia, of course), Iberia week, Italy week, and Heart of Europe week (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden).


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