Sunday, November 1, 2009

INSEAD Olympics

To celebrate the start of our second period of classes, we spent Saturday at the beach for the INSEAD Olympics. A combination of serious and not-so-serious events, it was a great way to spend time with my classmates. Despite my abhorrance for running, I was selected to lead the torch run from the school to the island of Sentosa (where the games took place). Kind of cool thing about living on an island is that you can run to whereever you want to go, if you have the patience to figure out how to get there.

taking a quick mid-run break
cooling off in the fountain after our run.
the 'other' running race. in full snorkel gear.
baywatch rescue contest - one of the more popular events with the spectators. even drew a crowd of strangers!
Sandcastle building contest - we made a speed boat.


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