Thursday, August 27, 2009

Singapore Life 1 - Living Arrangements

New country. New goals. New living arrangements. New lifestyle.

Over the next few months, I'll be making adjustments to many aspects of my life. The first that I will share is my living situation. Most of the students at my school either live in this condo or the one next door. It's a handy choice, since it takes less than 10 minutes to walk to school. And, so far, it's made for a much more social lifestyle than I've become accustomed to.

This is a view from my living room. Right below the high rise is my school.

The building...
Yes, I live in a gated community now.
Main Pool #1.
Main Pool #2. Main Pool #3 is basically the same. BBQ Pits! There are a number of these spots throughout the property.
My new donut sheets. Very Canadian?My new roommates. David from Belgium on the left. Mahmoud from Lebanon on the right.


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