Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Fun

Saturday consisted of a lot of relaxing, including a trip to Sentosa. Sentosa is a little beach wonderland just off mainland Singapore (connected by bridge). Nevermind the bloody history of the island (google it or whatever) - there is not a shred of that legacy that remains. There are some nice beaches in Sentosa - I think they are man made - the sand is too good to be true and there are some protective islands that keep the water nice and calm for swimming. There are a load of ships on the horizon. Scratch that, they are not even on the horizon - they are shockingly close to shore. Constant ship traffic. I don't think it bodes well for water cleanliness, but it was actually kind of calming just to sit and watch the traffic.

Sunday was Singapore's National Day. 44th anniversary of the country's independence from Malaysia. For the past few days I have seen flags, banners and posters everywhere to celebrate the event. Elad, Yuel, Oded and I went down to Marina Bay to watch the National Day Parade and Fireworks. It was one of those things that you just have to do, though it's not like I do that at home. The parade was markedly more military than what one might see at the Stampede Parade. Fireworks were amusing - they would send them off one at a time in 15 minute intervals during the 2.5 hour performance/parade - then set off a pretty good show at the end. It seemed a bit unfair to the kids, who would get excited at each bang, thinking the firework show was starting.

I studied for most of monday before meeting up with some classmates for dinner. It was good to finally put some faces to names and get to know a few of the people with whom I will be spending the next year, or at least the next 4 months. I was surprised by the number of people that have still not worked out their living arrangements. I think I am paying too much for rent, but I'm glad that I'm not scrambling right now to find a flat. Particularly because I will be heading out of town tonight for a bit of time in Papua New Guinea. There is a festival in the highlands(Mt. Hagen Festival) that I am hoping to catch. Then will pop over to Simbai and Madang before coming back to Singapore. Not sure what the internet will be like, but I hope to at least post an update or two.


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