Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Travel with time

The departures/check-in/security/waiting hall are combined into a single open room at Madang airport. It's solid turquoise walls are interrupted only by the residue from many years of contact by soiled hands. Next to the ladies rest room is the Executive Club Paradise Lounge, a room that measures no more than 200 square feet and bears a name that may have been more fitting in its glory days, which, judging by the decor was some time before I was born.

I've come to know this room well over the last six hours, my flight having been delayed indefinitely due to a mechanical problem. I have now missed my flight to Singapore and I have been advised that the next direct flight there leaves on Monday. To make matters worse, all connecting flights until monday are full. It may not matter as I will need to get to Port Moresby first. And, at this point, I'm not sure when that will happen. There is no mechanic in Madang to fix the plane, so we will need to wait for another airplane to get here.

I think the lesson has finally set in for me - when in PNG, it is important to travel with time.


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