Friday, May 29, 2009

Edinburgh Day 1

I took the 'long route' to Edinburgh (via Frankfurt) so that I could take the same transatlantic flight as Erik (who is headed to Portugal for a bike race). This made the voyage fun and kept me from focusing too much on the purpose of my trip, which continues to be a source of great anxiety. 

I landed in Edinburgh just in time to meet my friends, the Hoopers, for dinner. Erin, my local connection, had tipped me off about a bus from the airport to Waverly Station, in the city centre. It's easier to catch than a taxi and costs only £3.50. Every city should offer this sort of service. 

As I stepped off the bus at Waverly, my eyes were immediately drawn to The Cockburn Hotel. Catchy. Though my local connection would later tell me that it's pronounced 'coal-burn', its proximity to Fleshmarket Street leaves me wondering.

Dinner was at David Bann, a delicious vegetarian restaurant in the old town. The name made me think of the Incredible Hulk, but I didn't see any evidence that the restaurant was Hulk inspired. (Maybe it was David Banner?). 

As the 4 out of the 5 Hoopers at the table will also be running the marathon on Sunday, running was a natural focal point for dinner conversation. Some advice was helpful, such as 'resist the temptation to break into a dance routine when you pass a band; it's a waste of precious energy'. Other advice was not so helpful, like 'watch out for when your knees spontaneously bend backward after the race'. I'm sure that wont haunt my sleep tonight.


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