Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook. It's Handy.

There are many things that I really enjoy about Facebook. For one, it's a real time saver; no need to spend countless hours actually socializing with friends, when I can effortlessly catch up on their latest adventures online. It's also a real money saver; I can save money on entertainment, meals and fancy clothing by indulging in my virtual social life in the comfort of my jammies. But, I think that my favorite thing about Facebook is being able to see a side of someone that just may not come out in the course of my 'normal' interaction with them. Sometimes this is bad, like when I get a bunch of Elven Blood invitations (wtf is that anyway?). Or when I get a constant news feed about how bored my 'insanely busy' coworkers are. But, mostly it's really quite good. Like when I get to watch my friends get married, have kids, complete an ironman, get featured in an art show, and travel the world.


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