Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sintra - the Finale

We spent New Years Eve Day riding the hills around Sintra. There are some great road rides, as well as some very cool single track, in the area. It is a great location for a cycling trip and the weather was spectacular, considering it is the dead of winter. It seemed like such a shame to pack up our bikes when there were still so many spots that we hadn't explored. We will definitely have to come back here again. I will close out this series of vacation posts with some pictures from the week.
Christmas Dinner!Bike trail near Lindoso - a real step back in time.
From the road up to the highest point in Portugal. 
sometimes driving was tight - but erik handled it all masterfully.
old meets new.
the biking around Sintra was, like, pretty friggin' cool.
sometimes the parking was a bit tight.


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