Saturday, February 10, 2007

Observatori Goes International

Another super week comes to a close. This one was eventful in a different way than the last.

At french class this week, we got way off the curriculum and talked of current events. I learned new words like "Siens", "un coureur de jupons", "empoisoner", "navette spatiale" and "couche pour adulte" (you dont even want to know how that one came up!). It felt really good to get a conversation going; a bit like when you're playing tennis and you get a great rally going. A few easy lobs back and forth and then you start to gradually take it to the next level and test your limits; you hit the ball a little harder and to the farther regions of the court. I feel like my french is finally getting to a level that I can see results and it is feeding my ambition to take things forward. It will be a long road to become fluent, but I think it will be one of my greatest acheivements.

Another fun development for the week was finding out that people other than my mom and my aunt read my blog! Cool. Turns out I've got a global fan base. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I did recieve a comment from this chica, Emma, in the UK that plays the viola (I've always liked the viola - even, or maybe especially, in that Velvet Underground song Heroin). Okay, so she happens to be Chris's sister, but it was still cool because she's almost a celebrity - I've heard she's going to play at Glastonbury this year. (Mental note, I can increase my readership by writting about other people). I also got a note from Dallas, Erik's Transrockies partner. I'm not sure what to make of it, but he's probably lost interest by now anyway.

When Friday finally rolled around, it was party time. Erik is out of town this weekend for a stag party in Fernie, so I hung out with my friend Tamara and her son Declan and watched "An Inconvenient Truth". Pretty wild Friday night. It was really nice to catch up with a good friend and see another example of a healthy and well behaved baby (2,287 days until I get one of my own!). The icing on the cake was learning that Tamara reads my blog too! Official fan base: six.


Anonymous Chech said...

First baby on Feb 6th 2013. OMG, are you pregnant?

Keep "coureur de jupons" in your vocabulary, it could be useful ;)

June 13, 2012 at 8:54:00 AM MDT  

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