Thursday, January 25, 2007

Billy Talent

Last night I went to the Billy Talent concert with my friends Karen and Chris. I missed the band the last time they were in Calgary because they were playing at the University. I figured the audience was going to be significantly younger than me and I foolishly let that hold me back. I regretted that decision so, when I heard Billy Talent was coming again, I knew I had to go.

As an aside, I think this is one of the most under appreciated bands of my time. Their 'first' album (as Billy Talent) is one of those that you listen to for the first time and its instantly one of your favorites. The second is equally outstanding. More intense, angry music about serious stuff, without being too much of exactly the same.

Back to the concert. I scooped some general admission tix on ebay at an ungodly price, but I knew it would be worth it. For two months I anxiously anticipated the event. It was the first time I've had general admission tix at the dome.

We arrived in time to see one of the opening bands, Rise Against, which was great. I looked around at the crowd and saw a lot more braces, peach fuzz and pimples than I've seen for some time. We did see some people we thought looked close to us in age, but quickly determined they were just chaperoning some kids. The plus side of the age disparity was that I was taller than a lot of people, so I had an excellent view of the stage. We stood close enough to watch Ben's sweat fly everywhere as he gyrated around the stage, but away from the mayhem of the moshing and crowd surfing.

Verdict. Worth every penny. This is a great band to see live. Two hours of mind blowing, ear drum shattering, emotionally charged, insanity. There's something very satisfying about watching one of your favorite bands performing with such intensity and passion that it looks like the blood vessels in their necks are going to explode.


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