Friday, January 12, 2007

Meet Rory

This week's main event was my sister, Meriah, coming to visit. She's on her way to Nelson to do a work rotation and figured she'd show off her cute little bundle along the way. It was a good excuse to break my usual midweek routine of working late and going to bed early in favour of some family time. Of course, it was great to see my sister (who's super lean and a total fox), but the big treat was to see my little nephew, Rory. He has changed so much since I saw him in September, when he was only a week and a half old. He did all kinds of crazy stuff, like stare at his hands and feet, stare at my aunt Keli's Minnie Mouse pen, stare at the various Christmas decorations, and stare at Todd's beer. There was a fair bit of hand sucking going on as well. He held my finger in his hand for a bit. He even made funny noises while he was sleeping in my arms. It was an action packed visit.
The icing on the cake was that I also got to visit with my parents, my aunt Keli (aka "The Great Keli Keli") and uncle Keneki, and my brother-in-law, Todd. The novelty of grandparenthood has not worn off for my parents, who graciously held themselves back to let everyone else have a chance to play with Rory (I'm sure it was tough!). It's pretty awesome to see my parents so excited. Todd looked very natural as a dad and seemed was enthusiastic about his upcoming role as Mr. Mom. Keli and Keneki were fun, as usual. Growing up, I always looked forward to visiting with them, not just because they gave me Smarties (including on this visit), but because they are basically two great big kids (if you look closely, you can see that's Mickey Mouse on the top of their Christmas tree). I hope that I can be as much fun for my nephew as Keli and Keneki have been for me. Left to right, this picture shows Rory, me, Todd, Meriah, The Great Keli Keli and Keneki.


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