Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Round Please. Singapore Edition.

Life after INSEAD is a bit like life after a night of drinking. Sure, it hurts a little bit. But, somewhere deep inside, you are still a little bit drunk. And, when the opportunity arises to have another round, you take it.

That is why I came out to Asia a few days early (I travel to India with my sister next week) for INSEAD's annual Monsoon Ball (and the 10th anniversary of the Singapore campus). I wasn't the only one to make the trip.

Fabio, the pilot from my class, literally flew out from Frankfurt. Christian and Verity made a weekend trip from London (13 hours each way). Stan from Paris, Rob and Nada from Dubai, and Ana from Australia, also deemed it worthy of a weekend trip. Add to that the handful of friends from Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur and another bunch who are currently living in Singapore and you officially have a reunion. And a party.
Just as I was after my last reunion in Paris in September, I'm left wondering...when can we do it again?


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