Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last week around Paris

It was an action packed week; getting my stuff packed up and cramming in as many local attractions as possible before I leave this wonderful place. Fortunately, there were a few of my classmates lingering in the Paris area to come along for the fun.
First stop: Parc Asterix. The French equivalent of Disneyland, based on a comic book hero who fearlessly defends his village from the Romans.

While the symbols in the park may not have triggered the same reaction as I had walking through EuroDisney, I have to say that the rides were much more exciting; more rollercoasters, shorter line ups, and those swingy chairs that seem to have been removed from all of the major theme parks! Good times.
I love living like a kid.
And, with the summer weather being simply awesome, we had a perfect opportunity to watch the sunset while having a picnic on the Pont des Arts. 
If you are in Paris in the summer, this is absolutely something that you must do. BYOB (bring your own baguette). Did you know that the Eifel tower sparkels at night?  
And, finally, following through on a birthday present from some friends, I took an aerial tour of the area using some fancy flying machine powered by what looks like a giant fan.
Lucky for me, they are harvesting right now, so there was a lot to see.
It seemed very fitting to finish with a new perspective on the place that I've been living, just as my neighbor farmers move from one season to the next, and as a new 'season' begins for me.


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