Monday, March 23, 2009

A Long Way from Hawaii

I've been itching to get out for some spring cycling, but the snow here is refusing to melt, which means there's still a lot of gravel on the main roads. The combination of gravel, highway traffic and spring winds make for suboptimal cycling conditions. So, what's a girl to do? Well, traveling to a snow-free spring cycling destination is not in the cards for me this year; however, I have a different solution. Thanks to Erik.
For the past few seasons, Erik has been exploring the anonymous country roads of the greater Calgary area. Many of these roads are gravel and many don't even show up on regional maps. And, it is these qualities that make them ideal cycling routes.
  1. Vehicles, particularly vehicles in a hurry, prefer to use roads that are paved and that show up on maps.
  2. Gravel moderates speed and is useful to visually and audibly identify approaching traffic.
  3. Traveling in uncharted territory is majorly badass.

As long as you're dressed for it and have the right bike, you can get your spring training done in Calgary. It's a long way from Hawaiian Islands (as this farm owner has calculated), but it will do.


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