Monday, June 2, 2008

Giver8er 2008

...brought to you by the people that brought you (or at least popularized) the term Giverator, and the letter S (for Serious Suffering).

I've recently begun taking weekends off from work, which has left me with all sorts of time to pursue recreational activities. This weekend, it was The Giver8er Enduro, an eight (+) hour endurance race at Canada Olympic Park. I could think of no better way to spend a Sunday.

The conditions were perfect - sunny but not too warm, and a little muddy from some overnight rain. 150 riders turned out for the inaugural event, many riding solo and some riding in teams. I rode without a computer, which meant that I had no idea how long I was out for and how much time was left. By the time Dallas lapped me for the fifth time, I was getting pretty tired - of riding...and being lapped. But it was a good signal to me that I was on the home stretch. I think I was burning brain cells by the end, as I was unable to process any thought more complicated than how to propel my bike over the next 100 metres.

Eleven laps in 8 hours 24 minutes isn't going to get me a ticket to Beijing, but I was happy with my performance. Sitting at your desk, it's easy to think about doing a race like this - it is another to actually pull it off. Things like mud in your gears, or not drinking/eating enough, or crashing are a few of the challenges beyond the basic fitness and planning required to survive a long ride - as Erik can attest to.

It was good to see some familiar faces, including my awesome TransRockies partner, Cindy, and two of my BC Bike race partners, Alana and Lisa. Gerry, Geoff, Craig and Trish, Carena, Keith, Pat Doyle, Tim and Tracy, Devin, Dave and Kevin, Henry, Jack, Tom, Lonn, Linda, Ed, and Mical's mom, among others. Pat Not Doyle was on photo duty - we're so lucky to have this guy to capture our special moments. He's becoming the Tom Watson of the Western Canadian Cycling scene.


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