Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Have a Successful Career in your Spare Time: Lesson 4

Lesson #4: Bike to Work Do you find it difficult to regularly make the time to go to the gym? No more! Add precious time to your day by getting your workout in while you commute to and from work. As a bonus, the money you save on a gym membership can be redirected toward upgrading your commuter bike. (Or, if you're special enough, Santa may surprise you one year with an extra cool commuter bike).

And time isn't the only thing you'll save. Check out these other benefits:

  • Are you tired of rising gas prices and parking rates? Find something else to complain about! Save a bundle on these and vehicle maintenance costs by saddling up. Your wallet will thank you (and so will the earth).
  • Do you hate bad drivers and traffic jams? Turn them in to a source of amusement. Have fun weaving your bike through the mess of frustrated commuters (adding to their frustration in the process). There is something magical about blasting past the chump in the Range Rover who is on the verge of a mental breakdown because he's trapped in traffic.
  • Do you ever 'accidentally' have a few to many apres-work bevvies? No problem; ride it off! And enjoy sleeping in the next day while your sucker coworkers have to get up early the next morning to take a cab to get their vehicles before they get towed.

Note: the above picture is from, one of my favorite sources for cool bike apparel and accessories. I normally feel free to 'borrow' stuff off the net, but I actually like these guys, so I feel like I should extend credit where it is due.


Blogger Emma said...

I couldn't agree more. Plus, a bike bell sounds much friendlier than a car horn.

June 6, 2008 at 4:11:00 AM MDT  

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