Sunday, December 23, 2007

The long way home

When I saw the airport security line-up at Dulles Airport, I was glad I had arrived 2 hours early. There were no physical barriers to organize the hurried masses trying to get through airport security, but travellers had organized themselves into three switchbacks and were self-policing to reduce the incidence of line-cutting. I marvelled at the impressive display of cooperation and self-imposed discipline for the benefit of all.

Maybe human-kind isn't doomed afterall.

I was devastated when, after almost an hour in line, a mysterious event (still unknown to me) resulted in the line deteriorating into a self-indulgent rush toward the front. It was another hour before I was through security. I ran in my socks, with my belt and shoes in hand, toward the shuttle that would take me to my gate. It was 5:00pm already - the time my plane was scheduled to take off - but I crossed my sweaty fingers that it was delayed. No such luck.

I was rebooked on the 9:30pm flight to Toronto, but my connecting flight would not be until 8:30am the next morning. My 9:30pm flight was delayed until 1:45am and my checked luggage still hasn't arrived back in Calgary.

After my bad luck this week, I could be totally turned off the whole airline travel thing, but I'm still really looking forward to my trip to Portugal this week. At least this time I will have erik to amuse me if there are any hiccups in our travel plans.


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