Sunday, November 11, 2007

En Route to La Ruta

'This is serious, sir'

I'm listening to the words, but struggling to take her seriously. She is a grown woman, yet she still thinks it is a good idea to cake her eyelids with glitter. Her attention to her appearance, also evidenced by her fake tan, hot pink lipstick and big hair, is diminished by her unfit, slightly overweight body having been stuffed into a uniform that has probably not fit right in years.

'Sir, this is serious', she repeats.

Are all airline employees bitchy? or just the ones that work for Air Canada? We have an Air Canada confirmation number for Erik's ticket and Air Canada can see that he's reserved a seat on this flight. Unfortunately, Air Canada will not check him in for the flight out of concern about how it will be paid for the ticket (which we purchased two months ago). Seems to me that this is not our problem, yet we are being inconvenienced by it.

The issue is eventually resolved but, once again, Air Canada has introduced a totally avoidable element of stress and annoyance to the start of our holiday.

Checking in for our connecting flight in LA, it feels like we are in Central America already. I'm a notable minority, not just because of my skin colour and language, but because of my choice of clothing. The essential travel attire for the typical Latina woman includes high heels and a pair of jeans that fit tighter than my spandex bike shorts. I realize that we can't all walk around in track suits, but it seems impractical to wear jeans tight enough to affect your gait for a six hour flight. The TACA airline employee is polite and accommodating, evidencing that my earlier observation may, in fact, be an Air Canada phenomenon.

As we board the plane, I see there is an elderly Buddhist monk riding in first class. I approve of the choice of travel attire but can't help but focus on the contrast of his cabin choice.

Finally, at 9AM Central time, we arrive in San Jose. The bikes and luggage made it too. Now the adventure begins.


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