Friday, August 17, 2007

TransRockies Day 4 - Fight Club

Long day - 113kms. Really, really, really dusty. I now have a puddle of mud at the bottom of my lungs.

The pace was fast and we got passed a lot on the first ascent. I didn't feel slow or particularly beat up, but we were passed by a lot of teams, which was demoralizing.

The first descent was heavily water barred double track. Fast and a bit dangerous. There were several accidents, including one that required an air rescue.

The last 42kms was gravel, moderately downhill, but into a headwind. We hammered and blew past a lot of teams. It felt good, but it was a tough way to finish the day.

We arrived in after about 7.5 hours again. Looking around at the other riders, I saw a lot of black eyes, stitches, bruises, and blood. It's starting to look like fight club around here.

We relaxed by swimming at Whiteswan Lake and then hanging out and bbqing at the RV. I opened a bag of Jelly Bellys as a treat for everyone. Just before bed, I grabbed a last mouthful of jellybeans and was overwhelmed by an unidentifyable unpleasant taste. Pete snuck some ass-flavoured Harry Potter jellybeans into the mix. He must pay.

I have a special prize for the best revenge idea. The only conditions are:
- I must receive the idea within the next 48 hours
- I must be capable of executing the act with the resources accessible to me on this trip (ie. Minimal)


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