Sunday, August 12, 2007

TransRockies Day 0 - Boogers or Rotten Eggs?

After a late night of last minute procrastinating, errand running, packing, lasanga baking, and doddling, Pete arrives at my door at 8:00am to pick me up. He is captain of the support crew and he has generously offered his time for the week as well as a very, very nice RV and trailer. He knows only two of the six riders that he will be supporting, but seems eager and willing to please as though we were all family. Pretty awesome.

By 3:00pm, we've checked in for the race and gone for a spin around Panorama Village. Then it is time to relax and let the fun begin. We are sitting outside the RV, enjoying the sun, when Pete's seventeen year old daughter hands Craig a jellybean and says 'eat this'. It's an odd way to give someone a jellybean and we all look on with confusion, but Craig complies. Her next words are 'does it taste like boogers or rotten egg?'. She's got a whole box of repulsive tasting jellybeans that she proceeds to share with the boys. After I hear Jon say 'it actually does taste like vomit', I figure he's done with the taste test, but a moment later I hear him say 'it tastes JUST like sardine! It's even got that oceany taste. How do they do that?'.

After dinner, we head down to Invermere for the night. The town seems to be welcoming of the event - we see signs saying 'Welcome, TransRockies Participants'. The thought is nice, but its proximity to a another sign 'Get Your Bear Spray Here' is probably yielding an effect that is inconsistent with the intent.

A few laughs and it is early to bed for everyone. At 33km, its a small day tomorrow, but we are not fooling ourselves to think it's going to be easy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eating disgusting jelly beans – sounds like an excellent way to keep your mind off the inevitable pain of 550k and 10,000m of vertical!

Good luck to all – keep the updates coming.

August 13, 2007 at 10:28:00 AM MDT  

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