Monday, April 30, 2007

Coachella 2007

Three days of extended exposure to 40++ degree heat and standing/walking/jumping/dancing for hours on end never felt so good. Because I lack the skill to adequately capture the experience with only words (if it is even possible), I will relay only the most memorable moments from the weekend.

Memorable performances:
Rage Against the Machine. Sixty thousand sunburned fans roaring as they pump their fists in the air in unison with earth shaking bass and the sound of Zack de la Rocha passionately screaming into his microphone. Pure energy.
Manu Chao. This was my first exposure to the band, although they are apparently one of the best selling artists globally. The band plays a lively fusion of salsa, raggae, ska, and rock. You'll have to hear it to understand. It's good stuff.
Arcade Fire. Montreal-based band representing Canada very well. A broad range of instruments offers the music depth, made better only by the intensity of the band's energy on stage.
The Decemberists. Great showmen. This band really knows how to use audience involvement to add to the energy of the show.
Other shows that I enjoyed were: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lily Allen, Willie Nelson, Pharoahe Monch, Jack's Mannequin, and Jarvis Cocker.

Memorable quotes:
"What do you call a dead lamb" - Flea, screwing up a joke.
"Rage against the machine is like cholesterol" - Tori, having (not) a deep thought.
"I'm here to see Dr. Jong" - Hooper, looking for the Stephen Marley and Jr. Gong show
"It is definitely not unhot" - Hooper and Ral, at every possible chance
"It's okay to be gay, just don't be stupid gay" - Strange gay guy on a rant

Memorable non-music experiences:
Charging my blackberry battery by riding a stationary bike
Waking up to the blinding flash of a spotlight through my tent, the sound of a helicopter circling overhead and a police warning through a megaphone that threatened arrest for non-compliance The crazy lightening machine. I'm not convinced that's safe.
People thinking Ral's Heineken neck tattoo was real
Anti-bush protesters organized enough to spell IMPEACH, but not organized enough to arrange for a picture to be taken overhead
Being asked to proofread a cover letter by a total stranger
The bicycle rides at cyclecide

Thanks to Hoop, Kareen, Marco, Matt and my new friends Ral and Leah for helping to make this weekend so much fun! Pictures are posted on the Exploratori link to the right.


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