Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I found God in the lobby of the Hyatt

Walking to lunch today, I passed Eric Clapton in the lobby of the Hyatt. He was sitting there just like any regular person - you'd have never guessed he had entranced 16,000 people last night. But I knew, because I went to the Eric Clapton concert. It was excellent, as expected. For an Eric with a 'c', he's alright.
There was slightly different crowd in attendance than the recent shows I've attended (Billy Talent, for example). Besides generally being older, they were much, much more mellow (to put it politely). I've seen older crowds rock out - Santana and The Who being recent examples - so I can't chalk the 'mellowness' up to age alone. These people apparently did not know how to 'get down'.

It was unfortunate, since the energy of the crowd usually plays such a critical role in the overall feel of a show. There were also no fancy performance enhancers, like elaborate light shows, pyrotechniques, fancy costumes or choreographed dancing. But, Clapton shone right through the lethargic crowd, delivering a powerful and satisfying musical experience wearing a simple button up shirt and blue jeans and relying on nothing more than his voice, his guitar and his band.
The ride home on the train was the a little more lively. Some frat boys provided the entertainment; offering cheers for pretty much anything that came into their heads - the Stamps, the Flames, spring break, 'the gas pedal' (what the hell does that mean anyway?). I love that people like this exist.


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