Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve thoughts

The bathrooms at every place we've stayed at have been tiny. So tiny that the bathroom doors hit the toilet seat when they are only half way open. But somehow, there is still always room for a bidet.

The sunburn on the back of my hands is recovering well. They are still lobster red, but the sensation that my skin is going to peel off when I put my gloves on has now stopped. I think that's a good sign. Erik's forehead is also recovering. He looks like he has leprosy, but he is starting to be able to put his shirt on without having to stretch the neck so that it doesn't come close to touching his forehead.

It's funny reading Erik's blog after I post my comments for the day. That two people can spend every minute of the same day together and have a different perspective on the highlights of the day is interesting. I like reading Erik's blog because sometimes he writes about stuff that he doesn't talk about during the day. Sometimes we we even write something similar, eventhough we never discussed it.

As a nice way to spend Christmas eve, Erik and I read each others blogs and chastised each other for spelling mistakes. It was entertaining but painful. We both work in an industry in which attention to detail is a must. In addition to developing a strong sense of pride in our own level of accuracy, we have learned to enjoy searching out and exposing the mistakes of others. It was painful for us both to hear about the stupid mistakes we have broadcast on the internet when we are powerless to fix them from our blackberries. I'm almost tempted to go find an internet cafe right now to fix my typos!

I'm still constantly surprised and pleased by the hospitality and kindness of people here. We have had only two impolite honks from motorists. We have felt welcome everywhere we've gone. Even when we were soaking wet and dripping all over the tidy reception area of the nice hotel in Villa La Angostura or booking a massage while wearing our stinky, sweaty bike clothes in Bariloche (I wonder if they knew we were planning to shower first?), we felt welcome. I haven't yet felt like someone was trying to rip me off. I can't say anything this nice about where I live. It's too bad this is such a foreign feeling.


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Feliz Navidad amiga.

December 25, 2006 at 9:13:00 PM MST  

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